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Welcome to Kents Hill Today! This blog is focused on highlighting all the happenings at Kents Hill. Here you will find pieces written by our students (through one of our 30+ clubs!), campus thought leaders, and even some resources for celebratory months and days. We hope you enjoy!

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Celebrating Academic Excellence

Take a look back at our end-of-year academic awards. We celebrated our seniors as well as our underclassmen. Dr. Priest, Dean of Academics, said, “I’m really happy to celebrate (the) award winners--God knows they deserve it--but I’d also like to regard this event as a celebration of Kents Hill itself. It’s been a good year.”

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Grounded in Maine, Connected to Slidell
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After two years away from the mission field due to COVID-19, the team has arrived in Louisiana. 

Many have heard the story about how we got here.  When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005, the devastation was unprecedented, and the Readfield United Methodist Church and KHS put together a joint team to come aid the disaster recovery effort. Slidell was where we were assigned to by the folks coordinating disaster relief services down here. This is the 15th trip and that has to count for something.

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Honoring the Legacy - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day on The Hill
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At Kents Hill we are built on belonging and strive to create an environment where all students feel free to be their authentic selves. To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we went to work. Our students and faculty participated in a day filled with workshops and uncomfortable conversations.

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Kents Hill Favorites
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As we move into one of the most beloved seasons in Vacationland (summer), we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite places with you. Whether you are just discovering Kents Hill and the wonders of Maine or if you are a long-term community member, we invite you to find a new favorite place for a bite to eat, be reminded of that family trip you wanted to take, or just learn something from our team. After all, shouldn’t everyone want to keep learning? We think so!

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Athletics and Activism
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Ask any athlete and they will be able to tell you, maybe even show you, their favorite t-shirt.

It might be the one they wore when they played their very best and now wear it for every game looking for the same results. It may be a souvenir from a big tournament. It could be a shirt handed down from a beloved teammate when they graduated or a sibling after their playing days had ended. We all have one or maybe two. I have two, one from the first time I played in the NCAA tournament and one from the last time. I am not sure why I hold onto them after 27 years, but I do.

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Jeff and Janet Honorary Degrees from Kents Hill School
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The in-person graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 was a moment of catharsis and celebration for our entire community. After 15 months of COVID-19 policies which tested each of us in ways we have never been before, we were able to gather, give hugs, and see smiles. Tears were shed and joy was felt. We are not ready to stop celebrating, so for those who would like to continue alongside us, here are some of the top moments from the Commencement.

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Celebration of Sports at Kents Hill School
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During a typical school year and at the end of each athletic season, we would hold what we call a sports award ceremony. This year because of COVID-19 we were unable to hold each season’s sports awards at their customary time. Luckily, even if it was later in the year, we were finally able to have our Celebration of Sports. Our Celebration of Sports included awards, college signings, and of course, speeches given by Kents Hill School student-athletes. Included below are two written speeches by Kellie S. ’21 and Immanuel R. ’21, both whom are graduating and continuing athletics in college. We wanted to share their speeches as they were a perfect reflection of sports this year on The Hill. 

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Siblings at Kents Hill School
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A lot of students and alumni would say that they have found their home away from home at Kents Hill School. It’s true, the sense of community and family is unmatched, and that stands to reason as many actual siblings attend the school together! As we write this, three students from the same family are current Kents Hill students, two of which will graduate on June 5 and the third of which is a member of the Class of 2023. We are, of course, talking about the fabulous Feeneys! 

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